Thursday, June 26, 2014

Sur le Pont D'Avignon

I'm on holiday in Avingon, France! A great opportunity to practice and improve my french. I studied french in school for many years, but I hated school then, so I never really paid attention. Now I regret it and I'm trying to improve by listening and daring to speak with the locals. I've been here one day so far and I've ordered some meals in french so I feel proud that I've jumped into it already. Yay me! 
Some pictures from today...




I found the conservatoire!!!! :-)

XX Erika Grace

Friday, June 20, 2014


Klassisk Sång continues...

In "Klassisk Sång" we got to participate as the chorus of Hansel and Gretle, but we were all eager for our own roles. They made us paint our lips this big to look a little whimsical.

Stockholm Operastudio year 1

Stockholm Operastudio year 2

 There are more pictures to come from the last production of "L'incoronazione di Poppea", but the photographer is on something to look forward to. 

Aw, all the memories these pictures bring. Makes me want to cry. Or eat.

For those of you curious about the school I've been attending check out their website here. They accept international students as well. For the main site to see all the different courses they offer visit

xx Erika Grace

Photo: Emelie Kroon, Thore Kennestad (borrowed from Kulturama's homepage), Francisco Vastenman

Monday, June 16, 2014


The end is officially here. 
I have completed Stockholm Operastudio. 
The end of an era.

I think going to Stockholm Operastudio has made me much more professional.
I think differently when I'm learning music, I think about my character, the emotions that are in the text and music and the setting. 
I feel like I've become a real artist. It's almost as if I can be anyone I want to be now if I just think as if in a character. Even now when I've been running around Stockholm trying to find a summer job, going into stores and leaving a resume. It is quite nerve recking but I just decide before I enter a store to be a confident person and then I'm fine, I suddenly feel confident and when I leave I become my shy self again. I guess in many ways I'm not shy, I think I'm more shy in more private and intimate situations than I am around a bunch of people. 

Or actually I'm just shy around really hot men. You know that feeling when you can't say anything profound and laugh nervously around a guy? I hate myself every time. Then when some average-joe comes along you're calm, cool and collected and suddenly you've lead that average-joe on somehow and you think "I was being friendly, not flirting!" So tragic! HAHA!

So this summer I thought I'd share a little more personal pictures from my life and what I'm doing. You can also follow me on instagram: @operaglove and twitter: @operaglove . 

But first here is part 1 of a recap of my 4 years at Stockholm Operastudio.
Klassisk Sång åk 1

Klassisk sång åk 2
What a joy it was creating this crazy opera collage and I had so much fun playing a horny teenage boy! 

Opera Grund

xx Erika Grace

Photo: My Mother